Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chuck Hillig - Imaginary ladder

Ladder of Divine Ascent Monastery of St Catherine Sinai 12th century

 In truth, there are no real “levels” to Consciousness. How could there be? Consciousness is One, simple, pure, whole, indivisible and absolutely seamless. It has no boundaries, no edges and no moving parts. Consciousness, however, can (and does) PRETEND to have a separated “mind” which can, then, PRETEND to have these different “levels” that it can, seemingly, “grow into.” But this persistent belief only feeds into the narrative that you’re currently trapped somewhere on a “spiritual hierarchy” and must, consequently, struggle hard to climb some imaginary ladder in order to, hopefully, attain these higher viewpoints. In the end, though, ALL of these “levels” are discovered to be as illusory as is the, apparently, “separated one” who’s trying so hard to achieve them. As Maharshi often said, “It’s all a great game of pretending. The biggest obstacle to awakening is getting past your belief that you’re not already awake.”

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