Saturday, April 23, 2016

Raman Radha - Where are you going?

All the so called known/existing paths are nothing but stories of experiences experienced by the people like Buddha (including all great Masters or awakened ones who owe to Siddhartha Gautama) Mahavira, Jesus, Shankara, Ramana, Nisargadatta, JK,  UG, Adhyashanti, Byron Katie, etc. who in their state of the so called ego although set their goal/target to achieve the so called enlightened state, made all possible efforts too, but finally came to realisation and expressed in different ways with different words as per their conditioning which can be summerised :

1. Enlightenment is a myth or if at all there is such state, everything/everyone in the existence is in that state only as there is no other way to be. As Chogym Trungpa (a Buddhist teacher) said - Enlightenment is ego's ultimate disappointment.

2. Everything, if there is any, is absolutely as it should be in the moment.

3. There is no way for anything/anyone not to be in the conceptual time frame called moment, if at all there is any time.

4. Everything, if there is any, is simply happening on its own because there is no doer..therefore no controller too.

5. It's all a question of shift in attitude only, but for that to "happen" there is no shortcut/alternative to honest and earnest efforts. In any case the so called we are compelled to make effort due to conditioning of nervous system as Nisargadatta Maharaj said.

6. If you write/say/express your story of experiences after you come to this realisation, a new path will come into existence, because of ignorance of those who have not realised yet.

7. None of the stories matches with another person's story, because the experiences which form the basis of stories are bound to be different for different person as they all happen in nervous system conditioned differently for different persons, hence perceived differently.

 To overcome what appear to be emotional and intellectual obstacles, people commit themselves to disciplines of lifestyle and morality, yoga and meditation, setting themselves the goal of freedom from attachment and rebirth, but the anxiety entailed by prostituting the moment for some future benefit and striving for a conceptual goal is resolved naturally in the relaxation of non action.

The disease of calculated endeavor and goal orientation that is called spiritual materialism is healed by the spontaneous and ineluctable intuition of the pure nature of mind.

Keith Dowman

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