Sunday, April 3, 2016

JC Tefft - Pure Consciousness: The Last Frontier

A Three Episode Video Series on the Nature of Consciousness by JC Tefft​

In this three episode video series - posted for viewing below - JC offers an in-depth overview of the nature of Consciousness, as well as the Source out of which all manifestations arise. He notes that Pure Consciousness, as pointed to by enlightened sages since ancient times, is not found through concepts of Mind, but is a "knowing" that Awakens, as attachments to the world, as conceived of Mind, pass away. Using findings of modern physics as a guide, JC sets forth in understandable terms how universal Mind works, and to Awaken unto that which is beyond Mind is to recognize, through a profound shift in perception, that the world, as conceived of Mind, is not the living Truth of what actually is so.


is JC Tefft site where you can watch the next videos plus plenty to read about.... 

Also the latest video at Buddha at the gas pump



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