Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rabindranath Tagore - I sing my song

    The sky abounds with suns and stars,

    The world with life,

    I have found my place in the midst of it all;

    So in amazement my music blossoms

    And I sing my song.

    The rhythm of timeless time, with which

    The universe swings,

    Runs in my veins too, pulling me through,

    In amazement, I wake up and sing my song.

    I have tiptoed on grass, on my way to the forest,

    Surprised by flowering scents,

    Elated to see these joyous gifts strewn around,

    In amazement I wake up and sing my song.

    I have put my ears to the ground,

    I have heard the music

    I have poured my soul into the earth’s bosom,

    I find The Unknown in the midst of all that is known,

    In amazement my mind awakens and I sing my song.


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