Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nancy Neithercut - And Love wrote poems


Tripling lightly adorned in sorrows embrace
shadowed caverns hovered in a backwards glance
neither fore nor hindsight offered a moments respite from a lifetime of wandering wondering where light sang
sweetly like drifting moonlight o'er sands of memory
not caught not lost
nor island bound

glittering nets stranded in dawns mists
forgotten by winds that had no need to arise or shine or
through themselves
lost in daylight
found without hands
or mind

And where did the poem he sought carry its beauty

And tattered sails blushing in evening Windsong
no hands at the helm no passenger within
no direction to be found or lost in evenness
endless blue up above fathomless below
kissing in an embrace that flung oceans on shore of seamless reflections where no harbor or place to rest lost a heartbeat
unfound in a bucket of midnight listing to no sides or shoulder
where tears were not here nor there yet wetness everywhere
and no where

the key was never hidden
it simply never was
in a pool of echoes
starlight shimmered
dancing through rippling moon song

a night hawk flew

and love wrote poems in the darkness as she mourned all that she had been ........ the constant effort to find the essence of what she felt but could not capture ........
and an indescribable magic had filled her emptied her
left without hope or fear of life or death or love.........
and unknown symphonies never written or heard yet always playing painting her love song with unutterable words a pulse a heartbeat a vibration of overtones without a center.............
never written never sung never woven nor undone........
the skinless touch of this that never was and always is
without time nor place filling everywhere and nowhere
echoed dreamscapes rippling over shadows reflected in moonlight's glance
neither backwards nor sideways nor front and center
nor inside nor outside neither secret nor unhidden
whirling twirling soaring streaming rushing roaring flowing feeling deeply yet not moving nor caught
a impenetrable darkness crushed all the light and blossomed into infinite petals of lovliness the softness of unfindable taste and sound of seamless brilliance without gap or edge or feet to wander,,,,,,,,,,,, silently singing brushing butterfly kisses as unwritten pages containing everything and nothing fly and disappear into vast spaciousness where they had never left
a skinless touch ........

as what is going on is ambiguous
sometimes words that leave the mind hanging.........in a love song......... pierce us deeply for no reason for every reason
and all stories lost in the hush of love's embrace
words can take you to the edge............ but what is there between the breath and the song
between a tear and the wetness
where is the inbetween of inbetween
between you and me
and not even nothing is left
to say
yet we sing
we are the song............. as it sings itself
..... just.
....... like
how could anyone feel so deeply love so much hurt so much without bursting?
how could these feelings how could this precious humannnes be owned?
where did she end and the sky begin?
she reached out her arms to gather the stars and the night swallowed her
and who woulda thunk that what we wanted so much was really nothing at all

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh............... so amazingly realer than real intimate yet impersonal
an endless sigh falls through itself
the hush of sublime emptiness falling in love
and origami hearts sail on a sea of dreams

and where was love's sideways glance
where was the heart he thought he had held in an empty glass
for a kiss that would illuminate
and pierce what could not be kissed

starlight shimmered on the rim
dancing on the infinite divide
between here and no where

no need of words
or song
to sing of this love
that holds you in its own embrace

and empty handful of tears
a bouquet of unutterable beauty
it is your gift

to you

it was a feather'd glance that stole his heart
he could not resist his shadow dancing
he found his will an empty letter cast with all his dreams into the sun
where love lay bleeding
his heart adrift
paceless arrows never shot yet pierced
his dream of never forever collapsed into a wasteland

yet the sunset still beckoned
filling empty sails
with wakeless dreams
of loves glimmering shadow

And in the hush of early early a wind sweeps across the night time dream and caresses her whispering kiss into a song where love appears like magic to bask in each other's glow.


  1. Wow! Nice stuff....discovered your outpourings via Facebook and then Youtube....and this great music and love poem....very energizing....is this your main website? Best, steve r., Hiroshima,Japan

    1. Yes. Steve.This is it!...Thank you for feedback...Arigato.