Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ken Pollinger - Unicity

  Lying down, sole to sole touching.
    Deep releasing occurring.
    No-thought spaciousness arising.
    Energies exchanging.
    Or, is it soul to soul?
    That is, our inner essence sharing?

    Boundaries disappearing.
    Background purple field of Beingness, in mind's eye
    to forefront expanding.
    Then a circle of hands forming, the symbol
    of wholeness, a pointer to Oneness.1
    The separate "I" dissolving,
    as in death, in the Void,
    the energies merging2
    Silence reigning, Presence felt.

    Perceptions transformed.
    I meet myself in the form of others3
    Yet even the "I" is no longer.
    There's just Absolute Being.
    The end of the illusion of separation.
    Just Unconditional Love.

    Ending: hands releasing, feet apart.
    Separateness apparently happens.
    All that remains is the One Constant Lover4
    The end of seeking appears.

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