Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Muso Soseki - In the real world

Green Mountains have turned yellow so many times The troubles and worries of the world of things no longer bother me. One grain of dust in the eye will render the three worlds too small to see. When the mind is still the floor where I sit is endless space. A virtuous man when alone loves the quiet of the mountains. A wise man in nature enjoys the purity of water. One must not be suspicious of the folks who take pleasure in mountains and streams, But rather measure how well he sharpens his spirits by them. The mountain range the stones in the water all are strange and rare The beautiful landscape as we know belongs to those who are like it The upper worlds the lower worlds originally are one thing There is not a bit of dust there is only this still and full perfect enlightenment A runaway son will never come into his own My treasure is the cloud on the peak the moon over the valley Traveling east or west light and free on the one road I don't know whether I'm on the way or at home In the real world the pure world no separation exists why wait for another time and another meeting the teaching on Vulture Peak* is here today who else are you looking for to preserve the Way? 

*Vulture Peak was the place where Shakyamuni Buddha gave his dharma talks 2500 years ago.


Muso Soseki (1275-1351) was an abbot of a Zen monastery, an advisor to shoguns and emperors and a garden designer. He and the first Ashikaga shogun, Takauji, established Zen as the dominate Buddhist sect in Japan and had Zen temples built in all sixty-six provinces. Soseki taught a large number of students, wrote an enormous amount of poetry, and became the most renowned Zen master of his time. He was given the title "National Teacher."


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