Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yoga Vasistha - The Self

Equip yourself with such an attitude, O Rama,
and remain unattached,
endowed with the spirit of renunciation,
and with the realisation that whatever you do
or you experience, is an offering to the omnipresent being,
Brahman (The Self).
Then you will realise the truth,
and that is the end of all doubts.
That is the supreme state, it is the guru of all gurus,
it is the Self, it is the light
that illumines the world from within.
It is the reality in all substances,
that which endows the substances
with their essential characteristic.
The notion of ‘world’ arises only
when the spirit of enquiry is absent.
But, 'I’ am before the world was.
How then do the notions of world, etc., bind me?
He/She who has thus realised the truth is free
from all beginnings and all ends.
He/She who is thus equipped with the spirit of non-duality
(as if he/she is in deep sleep, though awake)
is not disturbed, though actively engaged in life.
Such a person is liberated here and now. 


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