Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wei Wu Wei - Who is there to be Enlightened?

I DON'T BELIEVE that there is anyone to wake up!
Sentient beings are not there at all as such—as the Buddha
pointed out in the Diamond Sutra, so how can they wake
up? And what is there to wake up? They are concepts or
thought-forms, objects—and objects cannot either go to
sleep or awaken! What nonsense all that doctrine must be!
It all begs the question, for phenomenally they are appearances,
and noumenally they are not asleep.

The subjective element of mind is awake, and always
has been, untouched by any concept such as that of time.
But the dreamer seems to become identified in split-mind
with his own dreamed object. So the identified personal
dreamer always has to wake up: it is always the individualised
dreamer that awakes—not his dreamed objects. There can
be no awakening for dreamed objects in any kind or degree
of dreaming.

Dreamer, Awake!

Living is dreaming too. The 'dreamer' becomes
identified with his object and snores loudly. 'He' and his
objects dream and dream, in which every act of the objects
is in-formed by the dreamer. In the degree of such informing
by the dreamer the dreamed objects 'exist'. But
they are totally dreamed, totally in-formed; therefore they
partake totally of the 'existence' of the in-forming dreamer.

In fact, however, the appearance that is dreamed is
nothing but the source thereof that is dreaming. But it is
only the in-forming source that can awaken: the objects as
such have never slept, and cannot awaken; of themselves
they have never been at all, for they cannot have any nature
of their own. Nor has the in-forming mind of either dream
any nature of its own, for mind, whole or split, is non-entity.

Note: Objects are purely imagined in all kinds of dream. They are ropes
seen as snakes, in the old analogy, when even the ropes were never there
non-phenomenally. That is all we are as objects.


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