Saturday, December 5, 2015

Robert Wolfe - Regarding prayer

Regarding prayer: aside from breathing a whisper of thanks or gratitude to the universe for operating flawlessly, the only prayer which could possibly ever make sense at all would be a conscious expression that ‘all will continue to develop as it should.’
For there to be prayer, Ramana points out, there has to be a pray-er: “There must be an ‘I,’ who prays to a god.” This suggests that the I has not surrendered, has not become indivisibly one with the Absolute. 
As Ramana puts it, “Prayer is not verbal…to merge into the Absolute is prayer.”
Ramana was specific about this: “They pray to God and finish with, ‘Thy Will be done!’ Since God’s Will be done, why pray at all?...Divine Will prevails at all times and under all circumstances. 
Recognize this force…and keep quiet…
“There is no need to let God know your needs…. Every action is prompted by God only…. God does not require an intermediary. Mind your business and all will be well: God is in all, and works through all…. If man thinks that he is the intermediary, then it is clear that he retains his individuality; and that there has not been complete surrender” [merging, so that “man” and “god” are not apart].
Arthur Osborne, summarizing the works of Ramana, puts it this way: “The one who prays, the prayer and the God to whom one prays all have reality only as manifestations of the Self.”


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