Monday, December 14, 2015

Chuck Surface - Dancing… In the arms of The Beloved

The mind will lead you to the Gate
Of the Garden of The Beloved,
But there, in Humility,
Will stop and say…

“I have given you all I can,
Having brought you as far as I am able.
I cannot enter here, nor can you...
As long as you cling to me.

To enter Here, my friend,
You must fall into your Heart,
Surrendering knowledge and ignorance,
And Ache... with the Whole of your Being.

Only when that Key has opened the Lock,
Can you push open the Gate, and enter,
After which, Illumined with Grace,
You may return for me.

Then, the knowledge I have gained,
Will be transmuted into wordless Wisdom,
In which nothing whatsoever is known,
In Pure Intelligence.

And the Heart, Radiant with Love,
Will Shine within your very body,
Like a Beacon emanating,
The Light of Heaven.

And together, we two, Mind and Heart,
Will Vanish in Ecstatic Union,
In the arms of The Beloved.”

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