Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mystic Meandering - Echoes of "The Nameless..."

The Silence of the Great Void,
where “The Nameless” dwells – Formless,
bathes the manifest world
in Infinite Cosmic Waves
of Grace…

We are echoes of
”The Nameless”,
the Face that lights our face -
You can feel it in the Great Silence -
the undulating pulsation of Life within,
reverberating through Form…

The Infinite Cosmic Emptiness
echoes Its Light into Form,
and we are birthed ~
from the Cosmic Heart,
Loved beyond measure,
held in Infinite, rippling waves
of Love ~ ~ ~

When we know this – instinctively -
in our being,
we will heal…

Be still…
Turn your face to “The Nameless.”
Recognize your wholeness
in the Great Silence…

Mystic Meandering
Oct. 2015

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