Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jeff Foster - Enligthenment is free

You cannot achieve enlightenment.

The ocean cannot achieve water.
The mountains cannot achieve their height; 
the Sun cannot achieve its own light.
Your nature is not an achievement; 
it comes before achievement or failure; 
it breathes with you, feels as you feel, laughs when you laugh.
It is pure alignment; 
your brilliance, hidden within every devastation.

Nobody ever reached enlightenment, 
they just stopped trying to be something they could never be, 
and found a love closer than their most fundamental idea of themselves.

Like the bed that holds you when you sleep.

Like grandmother, who gave you her wisdom 
and her safety and asked for nothing in return.

Like a warm Summer's day, inviting you to rest.

The greatest blessings are already here.

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