Friday, October 2, 2015

Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh - The Ocean

An endless ocean,
         All water,
              All water

    You are limited
         And so you assume it limited

    Your images are inside of you
         But they do not belong to you

    Like; the planets, and the galaxies,
         You are a hidden particle
              Who are you? You are non-existent

    And everything that belongs to you
         And your earth
              It is all nothing in nothing

    He was present from pre-eternity
         And continuously repeats itself until post-eternity
              A wave is silent, another one appears

    Drop the shape, break the form
         The shape of mind
              The form of this dream of existence

    Listen to the ocean
         The true song of creation

    That there was ocean and nothing else
         And now there is ocean and nothing else.

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