Friday, September 18, 2015

Scott Kiloby - Unconditioned Presence

Perhaps you’ve lived your life not realizing that prior to all the conditioning and conditions, there is an unconditioned presence that is totally and vibrantly free and loving. Maybe you’ve been locked in roles, job titles, beliefs, religions, or thought-based identities. This unconditioned presence is what you are — right now — before you think about who or what you are.
Thought might respond, “There is nothing here.” The mind is so busy looking for something other than simple presence, so busy thinking about life and complicating it, that this unconditioned presence is missed.
Thought places conditions on your experience: “If my wife would stop nagging, I would be happy.” “If my boss would appreciate me more, I would be satisfied with this job.” Do you see the game the conditioned mind plays? Don’t judge these thoughts. To condemn thought is just more conditioned mind. Thought says, “If I could only quiet my conditioned mind, I would be at peace.”
Don’t make an enemy out of thought. Notice that the conditioned mind is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. It is thinking. Simply notice the space in which all of that is happening. Notice this unchanging presence that is always and already September here ‘under’ all that conditioning. This presence is unconditioned because it has no interest in placing conditions on your experience. It is naturally and effortlessly at one with what is — regardless of what the conditioned mind is doing.

~ From: Reflections of the One Life

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