Friday, September 4, 2015

Nisargadatta Maharaj - Bliss

The ever-awaited first moment was the moment when I was convinced 
that I was not an individual at all. 
The idea of my individuality had set me burning so far. 
The scalding pain was beyond my capacity to endure; 
but there is not even a trace of it now, I am no more an individual. 
There is nothing to limit my being now. 
The ever present anxiety and the gloom have vanished and now I am all beatitude, 
pure knowledge, pure consciousness.... I am ever free now. 
I am all bliss, sans spite, sans fear. 
This beatific conscious form of mine now knows no bounds. 
I belong to all and everyone is mine. 
The "all" are but my own individuations, 
and these together go to make up my beatific being.... 
Bliss reclines on the bed of bliss. 
The repose itself has turned into bliss. 

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