Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wu Hsin - Ponder this...

"When the viewpoint shifts
from being an object to being the very Subject,
how can anything take on importance?
That which is truly spiritual is neither physical nor mental.
It is that which cannot be confined
to any particularized state,any location or any time.
We come to see that there is only one illusion
from which all the other illusions come.
It is this: what we appear to be is a phenomenon……….
bound by time, finite and perceivable;
whereas what we have been, are, and shall always be,
is the noumenon — timeless, spaceless, nameless, formless.
Noumenon manifests itself through endless numbers of forms
which are created and destroyed every moment,
and in this spontaneous functioning
there is no place at all for the notion of any entity.
In this regard, the world is not populated
with countless entities.
The world is One Entity; Its name is I.
Ponder this"

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