Friday, August 7, 2015

Miriam Louisa - Blessed are those who know nothing for certain

photo: unknown

blessed are those who know nothing for certain, whose curiosity keeps them beyond the claws of conclusion, who seek as an impulse of wonderment rather than for gain, who question everything the pundits proclaim as truth;

whose questions deliver them, willingly or not, to the fiery face of the Unnameable, and who find the courage to keep a “yes” alive in spite of terror; who come back speechless and trembling with gratitude

blessed are those for whom the encounter enlivens a capacity and a willingness to hold both hands out to the world (one to hold grief, the other, gratefulness) for their heart knows the two as one;

who, without choice, stand naked in knowingness; whose fulfilment is refreshed with every breath; who are quietly content (which is not to say inert or passive) in spite of all that life appears to heave at them

blessed are those who know these contented ones, who count them among their friends and neighbours, who seek them out for their simple wisdom, knowing they have nothing to spin or sell – nothing to bestow other than their crazy head-shaking heart-healing joy:

innocent – ingenious – immanent

Miriam :

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