Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jeff Foster - What is spirituality?

“What is spirituality?
It is lighting incense.
It is sitting at the guru’s feet.
It is falling into the depths of meditation.
It is repeating mantras.
It is wearing white, speaking in a low, earthy voice.
It is having a nice shit, feeling the relief in the belly.
It is writhing in pain in a hospital bed, breathing, grounding, crying, breathing.
It is losing a loved one, your heart torn open, but feeling the life in it, bowing to the mystery.
It is saying the wrong thing, making a glorious mistake, falling down, feeling free.
It is walking away from your guru.
It is leaving your cult.
It is ending the meditation, dancing in the street, eating a pizza.
It is dropping your second hand ideas of what’s ‘spiritual’ and what’s not.
It is no longer trying to fit into a club.
It is you, perfect in your imperfection, fabulous in your flaws.
It is Now, sacred in its ordinariness, aflame with presence.
It is an insurrection of originality.
It is death, death of the false hopes, the pretences, the promises.
It is life, exactly as it is, nothing added, nothing taken away.
You are the miracle!”

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