Friday, August 7, 2015

Jeff Foster - A cup of tea

Life is not on its way.
Life is not 'coming soon'.

Your life, your whole life, is here today. It is here in every breath, every thought exploding like a firework in the vastness of awareness. It is here in every moment of contact with a stranger, every sensation that sizzles in the body, every pang of longing and every burst of satisfaction. It is here in every moment of gain or loss, every failure or success, every taste of bliss, every instant of despair.

Life is not hiding. Life is not missing (for it is here even in the feeling that something's missing).

We are talking about your most intimate lover, your closest friend and companion, the unconditional love you were always seeking in time.
We are talking about the lullaby you always secretly heard in your private moments, the password that was always on the tip of your tongue.
We are speaking about the Unspeakable, singing a melody that only the heart can hear.

So let's go and have a cup of tea together, and watch the world go by in loving silence.

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