Thursday, July 2, 2015

Saint Jnaneshwar - Self is self-evident

A flower fades
After it gives birth to the fruit;
The fruit is gone
After it gives up its juice;
And the juice is gone
After it gives satisfaction.

A hand is often drawn back
After the offering of oblations;
A melody ends after giving enjoyment.

A mirror is put aside
After showing to a face its reflection;
And a person goes away
After having awakened one who is asleep.

Similarly, these three,
Chit, Sat, and Ananda,
After awaking the seer to his Self,
Disappear into silence.
If one strikes one's shadow,
One strikes only the ground.
Nothing is damaged by slapping empty space --
Except one's own arm.

One may eagerly seek
To drink the water of a mirage,
Or to embrace the sky,
Or to kiss one's own reflection;
But all these efforts will be in vain.

The logic that tries to destroy ignorance
Is in the same category.

Since ignorance is non-existent,
There can be no question of destroying it.
And since the Self is self-evident,
What is there to be proved at all?

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