Monday, July 13, 2015

Mooji - Clear seeing

"For the ego, self-inquiry is like being soak in sulphuric acid.
When you persistently and genuinely analyse the ‘I’ sense in the light of self-inquiry, 
things cannot continue living in the dark.
As truth reveals itself, untruth will simply dissolve.
The common mistake that is made, even by so-called mature spiritual seekers, is to become involved with and identified with what keeps arising in one’s consciousness.
But it is not about what keeps arising.
What matters is who you are, the one experiencing it.
In whatever form trouble comes, identity must be looked at first,
for it is here, in the realm of personhood, that the apparent 'becomes’ the actual.
By inquiring into the nature of the one in whom all of life appears as a play of contrasts, and recognising that the 'person’ is only the most intimately assumed thought arising from consciousness—you sieve yourself out of confusion by discarding the false self-image.
Whatever you perceive phenomenally and whatever you perceive yourself to be will now be seen in the great space of clear seeing.
See and verify: this space, the Self, cannot be stained or injured.
It cannot be troubled or acquire any type of sin or merit or demerit,
for it is formless, infinite and impersonal.
This twist or shift of perception from person to presence to Unborn Awareness, will be recognised as the work and beatitude of the Supreme grace; the great gesture of the Self to Itself."


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