Friday, July 10, 2015

Adyshanti - Your "me"

Your 'me’ is always experiencing this moment in relation to some other moment.
Is this moment as good as it was two weeks ago?
Will it be the same today as it was yesterday?
The 'me’ worries about what it knows and whether or not
it is good enough to get enlightened.
Your 'me’ might call itself Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Advaitin,
atheist, agnostic, believer, or nonbeliever, but no matter
what your 'me’ is identified with, when you become very open and relaxed,
you can suddenly be aware that something else is occupying your body-mind.
Something else is looking out from your eyes, listening from your ears, and feeling your feelings.
That something has no qualities.
Realizing your true nature is realizing what is present without qualities.
We can call it the emptiness of consciousness, the Self, or the No-Self.
To directly experience this emptiness—the aliveness of it—is spiritual awakening.
It is to realize yourself as beautiful nothingness, or more accurately, no-thing-ness. If we say it’s just “nothing,” we miss the point."

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