Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wu Hsin - Personal self

The rabbit runs away from
The wolf that is on the hunt.
It is only a body that runs, there is no one who ran.
All notions of a personal self are false.
An action occurred;
At that moment there is only acting, but no actor.
It then follows that any
Life of a personal self is likewise false.
The flower turning to the sun is in
The essential nature of the plant.
The mode of any action of any form,
Its behavior, is inherent in its nature.
There is no entity doing anything; the organism reacts.
Thoughts appear as a necessary function in humans.
The organism does not decide to
Create them any more than it decides to breathe.
They are sourced from
That which sustains and supports the organism.
To believe that you can stop your thoughts,
Presupposes that one initiates them.
This self-deception, this I-am-this-body idea, can die
While the body continues to live.
But there cannot be anyone to bring it about.

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