Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rumi - What Love does...

Love has robbed me of sleep; that is what Love does
Love doesn’t give a fig for soul or reason
Love is like a black Lion, famished & ferocious

Who only drinks the blood of the heart of lovers.

Love seizes you tenderly and drags you towards the trap:
When you fall in, he watches you from afar.
Love’s a tyrannical prince, a pitiless judge:

He tortures and oppresses the innocents.
Fall into his hands and you’ll weep like clouds.
Run from him, and you will freeze like snow.

Each second he shatters a thousand cups in pieces;
In one moment he sews & tears apart a hundred robes.
He makes thousands of eyes weep & that makes him laugh.

He slaughters a thousand beings and thinks of them as one.
No one can escape his chains by trickery or madness;
No sage can wriggle out of his nets by wisdom.

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