Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jeff Foster - The point of no return

You have to breathe in the stillness. 
For the world is fast, and ends too soon, and you are so slow, and beautiful in your slowness. 
The destination is no destination for you, and never was.
So recontact a moment. 
Begin where you begin; here, at the point of emergence. 
It's not just a cup of tea, a walk with a friend, words spoken or not spoken. 
It's a love affair, the moments flowing into each other so completely 
that there are no moments at all, only the shock and wonder of being alive, on this day of all days.
This chance to connect. 
This ordinariness, embodied. 
This unbearable freedom threatening to crack the earth open. 
The softening of the heart. 
The shadows and the light. 
The fire and the ashes.
I will give up everything except the horizon, 
this marvellous sense of moving forward whilst staying totally still.
And if I could I would render it all in the most delicate glass 
and show it to this fast world. 

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