Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Eja - Golden Ash Illumination

I awoke at dawn
And looked into the empty mirror
I saw a pair of empty eyes staring back at me
And I realized it’s all an empty dream

Awake, dreamer, awake
Awake from the nightmare of reason
Awake from the sleep of treason
Awake to your birth in the eternal now
Your karmic debt has been paid
The meat grind wheel of birth and death has stopped spinning
Arise from this cemetery of lies

You are the Buddha in the empty mirror
You are a dream already a long time ended
You are a teardrop in the great ocean of being

Place the lamb of your suffering
At the altar of the golden ash illumination

Repose beyond fate
All is bliss
You have been assigned to wake up

I burn all my poetic ambitions
At the altar of the golden ash illumination

Eamon Zicker

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