Saturday, June 27, 2015

Barbara Wikle - Sit comfortably with who you are

art vincent wiegand

Sit with yourself in comfort,
Of who it is you are.
Feel the magic inside of you,
Be at peace and one with all.

Listen to the sounds of nature,
They are who they are,
Enjoy the gifts they have,
In the sounds they express,
With love.

Smell the smells,
All around you,
Breath in all the scents that are,
Enveloped in the forest,
Happy to share with all.

There is the magic,
That being at peace where you are,
Being in the moment,
And engulfing it all.

Let it go deep inside you,
And wrap around your Soul,
There is no reason to move,
Just be at peace where you are.

Barbara Wikle June 25, 2015

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