Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amata Natasha Goldie - In Search Of The Flowers For Your Garden

Out of the stillness arose a deep soul cry
That echoed into the eternal depths of Silence,

“Oh, how I long to find the flower-garden of my Beloved”

Stillness, and then,
Silence spoke:

“Weep and let these tears become
The nectar that draws her to you,
Let the depth of your soul search in the silence
For the beauty of your heart,
Be just as you are in your unchanging wholeness
And celebrate your uniqueness,
Shoot forth your focussed intent
To the all-understanding and all-providing
Universe of infinite dreams,
And rest in immoveable knowingness
That your Beloved soul-mate shall be drawn to you,
As the waters are drawn to the shore
By the embrace of the moon”

© Amata Natasha Goldie – All rights reserved

 art Rassouli

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