Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alison Nappi - The Creative Divine

art  Daniaarts

The Creative Divine
is not something over which
you may claim ownership.

It is not a horse to be bridled,
you cannot intimidate it
you cannot beat it into
as you have been.

Its love is wildness:
stars falling so fast from the sky
that they catch fire
and singe the blindness
from your eyes.

Its breath is the wind that fills
lungs struggling to exhale.
It will fill you until your joints ache
from the stress of being stretched
beyond your former nature.

It will catch you like a kite
and fly you past the invisible barriers
of your unknowing.

The Creative Divine
will cause great storms.
It will toss you from your ship
and feed you to the sirens.

It will lure you to a cave
guarded by a dragon
whose been sleeping there
since the world was
magic and lightening.

Yes, the Creative Divine
will teach you many things,
the most important being:
your immortality.

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