Friday, May 8, 2015

Susanne Marie - Dance of the beyond

As the personal sense of self unravels, oftentimes
 the feeling that emerges is one of extreme vulnerability. 
This is normal and actually a very good and healthy sign. 
The vulnerable self like a newborn hatchling lies intimately close to the heart of matter. 
It lies just a hair breaths away from nothingness. 
It teeters at the edge of unconsciousness all the while remaining awake 
in the most alive way possible. 
It doesn't quite have a sense of being a personal 'me' 
and it also isn't pure undifferentiated awareness. 
It skirts the edges of the two worlds; here and not here, you and not you. 
But without a doubt vulnerability exists because you are here. 
Without you there would be no feeling self, no awareness of this dance of the beyond 
revealing itself as a tree, as a bug, as a thought or sensation. 
This is the cutting edge of reality, this dance of you being you and you dissolving into the beyond. The Shiva Shakti dance of creation is playing itself out over and over in and through us.

Reality bites by Susanne Marie

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