Friday, May 1, 2015

Mooji - Drown me in You

To awaken to the timeless and perfect Truth,
don’t put so much importance on study.
Avoid the tendency to collect a lot of information on spirituality.
Instead, dive within with your entire heart by saying,
‘Yes, I am here for this alone. Drown me in You.’
Information and mind-created knowledge is meaningless in the higher realm.
Here, only Harmony prevails.
By going beyond the notion of a personal self, the detached observer of all phenomena is discovered as a formless field of inner silence and harmony. It spontaneously becomes self-evident that this is our real nature and position.
This clarity of seeing and understanding arises from the synchronicity of I with the universal consciousness.
Pure Harmony is the language and vibration of Holiness.
It is synchronicity with God.

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