Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeff Foster - Don’t bore yourself into a spiritual coma

Bow to your awkwardness. 
Smile at your clumsiness. 
Befriend your incompetence. 
Laugh when you stumble and fall. 
These are all precious waves in the undefinable vastness of you.
Perfection is unattainable in time, but found only in presence; 
the presence of imperfection makes you real, and relatable, and that’s perfect. 
You’ll be consistent when you’re dead. 
Until then, celebrate your silly old self, your marvellous inability to conform, 
or to live up to any image at all.
Don’t bore yourself into a spiritual coma. 
Say the wrong thing, just for once. 
There is such freedom in allowing yourself to fuck up, 
to be kind to your mistakes, to kiss the ground as you rise again, to adore the falling too.
Don’t let your spirituality numb your humanity, your humility, 
and most importantly, your humour.


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