Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bob O’Hearn - To love or fear

To love or fear – that’s the test.

At the core the heart knows best.

Open your eyes and you will see,

fear is the malignancy.

The fearful mind is a conflicted thing, obscuring the songs that love would sing.

Let the healing begin within — don’t prolong a war that no one can win.

Give up the fight with yourself before it begins, why struggle in vain with your own best friend?

Our nature is to be at peace, to know ourselves, to let fear cease.

Only love can liberate entanglements that we create.

If you want to be happy let go of yourself, and offer your best to somebody else.

There’s no heart math more plain than this –

the more selfless the love, the more lasting the bliss.

Relax your fears and enjoy life’s play.

Above all, love, and you won’t go astray.

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