Friday, May 8, 2015

Amata Natasha Goldie - I Shall Find You There

In the prism of an atom,

In the heart of the Beloved,

You shall find me there

In the eyes of wakefulness,

In the purity of the eternal,

You may follow my footsteps,

My longing, my voice,

My cry for the soul of life,

To sing of the beauty,

The transcendent, our heritage,

Of Love

Join me,

Come and seek this sacred longing,

This undeniable power,

That gives voice to soul,

And divinity to being

Let not the angst and ties of this reality bind you,

For you were born to be free

You are the rainbow,

In a butterfly’s’ wings,

And the ever-changing expanse,

Of the distant horizon

I see you in the omnipresence of infinity,

In the eyes of an owl,

In the journey of a river,

And the embrace of the wind

You dwell within everything

In the heart of the Beloved,

In the quivering of timelessness,

Deep within the ever-present pulse of love

I shall find you there

© Amata Natasha Goldie 2015 – All rights reserved.



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  1. Beautiful soul Michel,I just discovered this..thank you so so much...your site is truly an ashram of wonderment and joy and I am honoured to be included here..bless you infinitely my dear soul cascading to you Xxx