Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hafiz - The Winehouse door

~I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again~
It’s not my fault that with a broken heart~ I’ve gone this way.
In front of a mirror they have put me like a parrot
And behind the mirror the Teacher tells me what to say.
Whether I am perceived as a thorn or a rose~ it’s
The Gardener who has fed and nourished me day to day.
O friends~ don’t blame me for this broken heart
Inside me there is a great jewel so it’s to the Jeweler’s shop I go.
Even though to pious~ drinking wine is a sin
Don’t judge me~ I use it as a bleach to wash the color of hypocrisy away.
All that laughing and weeping of lovers must be coming from some other place
Here~ all night I sing with my winecup and then moan for You all day.
If someone were to ask~ “Why do you spend all your time sitting in
The Winehouse door?,” to this man I would say~ “From there, standing,
 I can see both the Path and the Way

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