Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dudjom Lingpa - Self-clarity


Düdjom Rinpoche explains how to establish the nature of the mind, which we take to be internal:

Without bringing anything to mind, place your awareness in an uncontrived, relaxed state.
With your attention directed inward, focus completely on the mind’s own nature.

By so doing, there will arise a "self-clarity" that is without object, free of the extremes of conceptual elaborations,
and free of any sense of apprehender and apprehended,
including any viewer and viewed, experiencer and experienced, and subject and object.

Freshly enter into meditative equipoise in that very state, without contriving anything, or contaminating or changing it.

Düdjom Lingpa explains this ultimate dimension of consciousness as follows:

“It is not blank, like an unceasing darkness that knows nothing. All appearances are naturally present, without arising or ceasing. Just as heat is naturally present in the nature of fire, moisture is present in the nature of water, and coolness is present in the nature of the wind, due to the unceasing power in the nature of primordial consciousness, there is total knowledge and total awareness of all phenomena, without its ever merging with or entering into objects.
Primordial consciousness is self-originating, naturally clear, free of outer and inner obscuration; it is the all-pervasive, radiant clear infinity of space, free of contamination.”

- From Buddhahood without Meditation

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