Monday, March 9, 2015

Swami Ramdas - The One Reality

My thought flies like a bird carrying the message of peace to all the worlds. 
A light goes out of my eyes that illuminates the entire cosmos. 
My heart responds to the rhythm of a heavenly music that resounds through all space.

The angels hover round me—the devas of the other worlds—the embodiments of the omnipresent Spirit. They look human, but they are my God in so many forms. 
The deva, man, bird, and beast are all the varied shapes taken by my God.

They are all sweet and good.

I see Him and am lost in Him. I hear Him and am attuned with Him. I touch Him and become one with Him. In all planes of life I am united with Him.
With outstretched arms He beckons me and I rush to Him, and I am caught in His ecstatic embrace. 
I shut my eyes in the intoxication of joy. “O Beloved!”—that is all I could say. 
O my Lord, my God, my supreme Mother, I am eternally Thine—I am Thyself.

How strange! I am Thyself, yet I am Thine. 
When I sit silent with eyes closed, I behold all the worlds and beyond in me, 
and myself in all the worlds and beyond. Whenever I am before anybody, I look at him as myself. 
His movements are mine. When he talks and acts, it is all myself.

Death is false. Every particle of the body in all its states is ever intensely alive—dust or ashes. 
Soul, body, universe, all beings and things are all one. 
Matter is Spirit, Spirit is matter. All is He and His expression!
Spirit is still, but it sings sweetly and universes are born.

They live in the infinite ocean of the Spirit like ice floating on water.

All minds and all bodies! You are dear to me. 
You are made of my substance. My substance is omnipresent, immutable Spirit. 
Still, there are ripples in me. 
They are the planets, stars, and stellar spheres, 
ever in motion, whirling through the glowing etheric atmosphere.

All hail, all hail to Thee!—the one Truth—the one Reality.

(The Divine Life, pp. 54–55)

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