Wednesday, March 18, 2015

'Sailor' Bob Adamson - Livingness is going on effortlessly

If I ask you,
‘What is wrong with right now, without thinking about it?’,
what would you say? 

You have to pause for a moment
and realise that if there is no thought there,
there is nothing wrong. In that instance you have also stopped it.
That is it. That is where it is.
That may seemingly be only instantaneous at the moment.
But if that sinks in often enough
—that there is nothing wrong unless I am thinking about it
—then even if the thinking is going on,
you know that you don't have to take any delivery of the thinking.
That is the cause of all my problems.

In that split second without that thinking I still existed.
I still was! Focus more with that.
The mind is not the be-all and end-all that we have believed it to be.
Believing that we can't live without it or can't exist without it,
we have placed so much importance on it.
See that it is not so important.
Though it is a wonderful creative instrument,
it is not so important.
The livingness is going on effortlessly, right now. 

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