Monday, March 16, 2015

Jeff Foster - Silence is the only way.

No wonder ‘you’ cannot see this: this is a freedom
that a ‘person’ will never see.
How could a ‘person’ ever accept that everything happens spontaneously,
of its own accord, in the absence of the person? The Tao (or Oneness,
or God, or Life, or Spirit, or Emptiness…) has no center, no mind,
no personal volition. It appears as everything, but itself is nothing.
Nothing manifesting as a world, as everything there is and is not.
And there is only the Tao, which is to say there is no Tao at all.
And even to speak of it, even to think of it, even to do that is to lose it forever.
And yet the thinking and the speaking are fully the Tao;
there is nothing that it is not.
It is the no-thing by which everything appears.
And it’s not even that, because it’s not an ‘it’ at all.
When speaking of the Tao, silence is the only way.

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