Thursday, March 5, 2015

F.J. Alexander - (from) In the Hours of Meditation

The Voice of the Guru, speaking in the
hours of meditation, sayeth,

Behold ! There is an inner as well as an outer world.
There is a world of soul as well as a world of form.
And, my son, if there are marvels and mysteries
and vastness and beauty and great glory in the outer world,
there are inestimable greatness and powers and incommunicable
blessedness and peace and unshakable  foundation of Reality
in the inner world as well.

O my son, the outer is only a semblance of this inner world.
And in this inner world thy true nature doth abide.
-Here thou livest in Eternity while the outer world is of time alone.
Here there is endless and unfathomable bliss,
while in the outer world sensation is accompanied by pain
as well as by pleasure.
Here, too, is pain, but O what blessedness of pain,
the ecstatic anguish of not having fully realised the Truth,
and such pain is the pathway to more copious blessedness.

"Come, draw thy nature within this inner world.
Come come upon the wings of ardent love for me.
Is there greater or closer union
than that between the Guru and disciple?
O my son O my son Silence is the nature of Love Inexpressibility.
And deep within the deepest folds of Silence there is God.
Abandon all outer concerns. Whithersoever I go, do thou come !
Whatsoever I become, do thou likewise become.
O for the Holiness of God !
Many are the shrines of the devotee s heart where thought,
like incense, rises unto God.
Spiritualise everything thou doest. See the Brahman,
the Divinity in form as well as in the Formless.
Than the Lord there is no greater good.

In the inmost recesses of the inner world,
into which one enters by the way of ardent love or ardent prayer,
there are universes upon universes of the Divinity in Revelation.
And God is always near. He is near not in a physical sense;
He is near in a spiritual sense
as the very Self within the self of thee.
He is the very Substance of thy soul.
He is the Knower of all thy thoughts
and of the most hidden and most silent aspirations of the heart.
Give thyself up. Love for the sake of love;
work for the work s own sake. Go into the chambers of the Silence;
come into the Presence of Reality.
The more thou goest inward the nearer dost thou come unto me.
For I am the Dweller within the Innermost.
I am the Magnet which draws out the revelation and the glory of thy soul.
I am Spirit ! I am Spirit, untouched by thought or form.
I am the Invulnerable and the Indestructible !
I am the Atman !
I am Paramatman !
Lo !
I am Brahman !
I am Brahman !"

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