Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chuck Surface - Free at last from “sanity”

I thought I was alone out here,
Out in the Wild.

How sweet to find you in this Vastness.
Are you mad, as well?

If not, you will be.
Free at last from “sanity”.

So few leave the village of the Great Teachings,
And wander Here, Alone.

The few I've met have been driven by Life,
To push open the village gates, and abandon all knowledge.

What drove you to such desperation,
Taking those fearful steps into the Inconceivable?

There are no concepts here for one seeking knowledge.
Your teacher, The Unknowable, will remove all certitude.

And have no concern of arrogance and pride,
That's not possible here, in the face of… This.

You will never understand this Vastness,
Write a book, and offer guided tours.

Such a din in the spiritual marketplace.
While here, butterfly wings are raucous.

I walked the Path of the Idiot to get here,
Burning scriptures for warmth, along the way.

And dying, at last,
Became the Love I sought,

Even while remaining, a simple man,
Imperfect, wounded, and broken as any.

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