Monday, March 30, 2015

Amrit Desai - I am That

"I have no plan for my life
I accept the plan life has for me.
I follow that plan and what it provides me moment to moment.

I am not the roles I play in following the plan.
I am the witness of all that I interact with in my life.
I was a child, an adult, and will soon be an old man.
I was a son, a brother, a huband, a father and a grandfather.
I was an artist, a businessman, a yogi, a guru and a friend.

I have been healthy, sick, successful, a failure, awake and asleep.
Behind all those changing experiences, I am the changeless consciousness that is constantly present.
I am that I am, in spite of the changes that "I am" experiences.
I am That.

My present is pregnant with all my past.
My future unfolds from the way I live my present.
My being manifests in the present.
I am present.
I am at home in the eternal now, living the plan life has for me.

— Amrit Desai (from In the Presence of a Master: Amrit Desai, by Christine (editor) Deslauriers)

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