Saturday, February 14, 2015

Niyazi Misri - No trace of religion now remains

I thought that in this whole world
no beloved for me remained;
then I left myself.
Now no stranger in this world remains
- I would see in every object
a thorn but never a rose.
The universe became a rose garden;
not a single thorn remains.
Day and night my heart was moaning “Ahhh!”
… I don’t know how it happened
… no “Ahhh” in me remains.
Duality went.
Unity came.
I met with the Friend in private.
The multitude left.
The One came.
Only the One remains.
Religion, piety, custom, reputation
these used to matter greatly to me.
O Niyazi, what has happened to you?
No trace of religion now remains.

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