Friday, January 9, 2015

Rumi - Original food

Man’s original food is the Light of God:
animal food is improper for him;
But, in consequence of disease,
his mind has fallen into this (delusion),
that day and night
he should eat of water and clay (III, 1083-84).
O how long shall we,
like children in the earthly sphere
Fill our lap with dust and stones and shards?
Let us give up the earth and fly heavenwards,
Let us flee from childhood to the banquet of men.
Behold how the earthly frame has entrapped thee!
Rend the sack and raise thy head clear (Diwān, p. 119).
 Give up this (belief in phenomena).
Loves (felt) for what is endued with form
have not as their object the form or the lady’s face.…
The sunbeam shone on the wall:
the wall received a borrowed splendor.
Why set your heart on a piece of turf, O simple man?
Seek out the source which shines perpetually (II, 702, 708-9).
You are an idol-worshipper
when you remain in (bondage to) forms:
leave its (the idol’s) form and look at the reality (I,2893).

The Sufi Doctrine of Rumi: Illustrated

William C. Chittick

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