Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ramana Maharshi - Absolute Consciousness

The Absolute Consciousness
Is our Real Nature.
Your duty is to be,
And not to be this or that.
There are no stages in Realization,
Or degrees of Liberation.
There are no levels of Reality;
There are only levels of experience
For the individual.
If anything can be gained
That was not present before,
It can also be lost,
Whereas the Absolute is eternal,
Here and now.
It is not a matter of becoming,
But of Being.
Remain aware of yourself
And all else will be known.
The ultimate truth is so simple;
It is nothing more than being in one‟s
Natural, original state.
There is no greater mystery than this:
Being Reality ourselves,
We seek to gain reality.
It is false to speak of Realization;
What is there to realize?
The real is ever as it is.
All that is required is
To cease regarding as real
That which is unreal.
That is all we need
To attain wisdom (jnana).

art  Jane Adams

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