Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Paul Brunton - The Short Path

The other part of the answer is
that the Overself is always here
as man's innermost truest self.
It is beginningless and endless in time.
Its consciousness does not have to be developed as something new.
But the person's awareness of it
begins in time and has to be developed as a new attainment.
The ever-presence of Overself means that anyone may attain it here and now.
There is no inner necessity to travel anywhere or to anyone in space
or to wait years in time for this to happen.
Anyone, for instance, who attends carefully and earnestly
to the present exposition may perhaps suddenly and easily
get the first stage of insight, the lightning-flash
which affords a glimpse of reality, at any moment.
By that glimpse he will have been uplifted to a new dimension of being.
The difficulty will consist in retaining the new perception.
For ancient habits of erroneous thinking will quickly reassert themselves
and overwhelm him enough to push it into the background.
This is why repeated introspection, reflective study,
and mystical meditation are needed to weaken those habits
and generate the inner strength which can firmly hold the higher
outlook against these aggressive intruders from his own past. 

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