Monday, December 29, 2014

Wu Hsin - There is


 There is the Formless appearing as forms.
There is the Unity and the apparent multiplicity.
There is the Wholeness appearing as separate fragments.
There is the Imperceivable appearing as phenomena.
There is the Unchanging and the apparent changing.
There is the Unconditional and the apparent conditional.
There is the Infinite Eternal appearing in space and time.
There is the Limitless appearing with limitations.
There is Constancy and apparent presence and absence.
There is the Background and the apparent foreground.
There is I-am appearing as I-am-this.
There is the Immortal and the apparent birth and death.
There is Being appearing as being Wu Hsin.
Everything perceived is changing.
Reality remains.

(from Being Conscious Presence, p. 13)

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