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Ilie Cioara - “Self-knowing” is not a method

Two Autumns by Mikhail Trakhtenberg

 Two Autumns by Mikhail Trakhtenberg

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“Self-knowing” is not a religious belief, nor is it a method, because we do not anticipate any ideals to reach, nor set out with a goal in mind, by doing or not doing something. Will, effort, imagination, faith, repeating formulas or mental analysis are unnecessary, for the simple reason that all these are connected to the past and, therefore, they are part of the “ego”. This imaginary structure can only repeat old facts, increasing its “self-importance”.

Any method, no matter how promising, can only fortify the structure of the “ego”, further increasing the chaos within the individual. Functioning on this level, we ourselves set the traps and we fall into them. The reality of these facts demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that we are the victims of our own “ego”.

In practicing “Self-knowing”, we start only from “what is” — from the reality of facts appearing before us each moment, in the unfolding movement of the Aliveness. We need not do anything other than to come into direct contact with all these apparitions: thoughts, emotional states, desires, images etc. It is just a simple meeting, without pursuing any results or expectations.

The simplicity of the encounter with the movements of the “ego” leads to their disappearance. Both the encounter and the spontaneous disappearance of the reactions of the mind confirm the reality of “Knowing”. In this emptiness, we are a simple state of “being” or “Pure Consciousness”.

Only in this perfect meeting does a new perspective open; the Sacred within us manifests itself as Love, Intelligence and absolute Purity.

We can search the whole world, as well as everything that the human mind has imagined or invented, be we will never find anything comparable to the efficiency of this simple encounter, as a state of “Nothingness” or “Psychological Zero”.

The “emptiness” or passiveness of the mind — provided by lucid Attention — is an abyss, in which the old, egocentric, arrogant, fearful man disappears. Simultaneously with his disappearance, the true nature of our being is revealed — without beginning or end, in its essence immortal Divinity. This is the new man, destined to create a different world, in which Love and its hallowing impulses is present everywhere, creating a true Paradise on our planet.

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Two Autumns by Mikhail Trakhtenberg

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