Thursday, December 4, 2014

Deanna Medley - You and I are Lovers

As I lay
On the shore
Of my naked Soul....

Battered from
Rough seas

You return
My softness
With your
Open sands....

I run my fingers
Through you
As you pour
Over me
Again and again....

Restoring years
Of Erosion
To a
Supple oasis....

Miles and miles
Of you
Soothe my
Wandering feet....

I can feel you
As the warm breeze
Tumbles over
My skin....

Your whisper
Calls my name
From deep
Inside the
Konk shell....

I can taste you
On my skin
Where you
Like to
Embrace me....

You and I
Are lovers
Like the
Moon and
The tide....

It's not
We do
It's something
We feel....

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